Mission Statement

ATDA will engage students in grades 9-12 in a safe, talent-nurturing environment designed to facilitate individual growth academically and socially as they prepare themselves to graduate from high school.  ATDA's goal is to see an increase in students meeting graduation requirements each year.  Highly qualified teachers shall utilize individual goals from each student's Personal Education Plans (PEP), research based instructional methods, and assessment data to help students move successfully through their high school experience.

Mission Basis

ATDA is based on research that includes two key elements of effective schools:  (1) the curriculum and (2) the learning environment.  ATDA also believes in providing a culture that focuses on divergent and convergent learning strategies in small learning communities.  Our program will focus on many different learning modalities for students in today's educational genre.  We will provide Personal Educational Plans (PEP) for each student which will be self-paced and monitored by the teachers.  We see each student as an individual and will incorporate many different strategies of curriculum delivery from the traditional teacher/student classroom environment, to the use of cyber technology and distance learning that provide either enhancement or remediation for all of our students.  The opportunities for the student's achievement are vast as each student will create his/her own success and will rise to his/her level of expectations.

Our School History

ATDA was designed and founded by three educational administrators that yearned to provide a stimulating educational environment that focused on our students' academic talents and not on their weaknesses.  It was believed that students could be better reached through experiences of success.  Thus, each student was to be placed on a Personal Education Plan (PEP), taught and measured in a standards-based manner, and provided with cutting edge technology in a variety of program levels, from credit recovery to highly-talented programs linked on-line through Johns Hopkins.  Students were initially provided classes at the first ATDA school site on the Double Eagle II Airport wherein access to aviation was a benefit.  After coursework taken at CNM, classes were situated at our current permanent site at 1800 Atrisco NW.  Growth in student numbers and facilities is projected and student success is the ongoing goal.

ATDA Timeline

2007:  ATDSCS opens at its original site at the Double Eagle Airport.

2009:  ATDSCS moves to its current site near Coors and I-40.  Sports, school dances, and many other programs are implemented.

2011:  ATDSCS becomes a nationally accredited high school.

2012:  ATDSCS's charter is renewed for an additional five years through APS.  The school changes its name to ATDA.

2013:  ATDA adds 50 new computers and 60 new tablets to the campus as the first steps of a major technical upgrade.

2014:  ATDA enters its eighth year of successful operation.

2015:  ATDA adds two new buildings to accommodate increasing enrollment and new programs.

2017:  ATDA adds new signage, a guard building, and other facility improvements in preparation for an eleventh year of operation.